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Nyheter om USAs politiuvesen til å dårlig i magen av

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Many new Police Officers have itchy trigger fingers and are quick to shoot

The secret transformation of the American police into anti-terror cold-blooded murderers is well under way.


by  Preston James

[ Author’s note: This is a long article due to the complex nature of this problem with hyperactive, overly aggressive, mind-kontrolled police with itchy trigger fingers. Readers can skip to the parts that interest them or read the summary only. ]

There has been a substantial increase in American police incidents since 9-11-01 with the police being too quick shoot, occasionally killing or even murdering an unarmed or innocent person.

In a growing number of cases, these unarmed persons turn out to completely innocent of anything, with police responding to a call by going to the wrong address and murdering a person that was minding their own business on their own property.

There are numerous cases where swat teams have broken into the wrong house, murdered an innocent person; or roughed up, sworn at and insulted innocent family members at the same time. They often use such language to innocent men, women and children, such as “if you move I’ll blow your fucking head off”. This sick verbal abuse is tolerated by internal affairs and even respected, and considered the norm. It is disrespectful and abusive, and should never be tolerated in so-called “public servants” whose salaries and benefits are paid by We The People.

How would these same abusive swat teams members feel if a swat team broke into their home with flash bangs on a no-knock home invasion to the wrong home when they were gone and did the same to their family? Would they get it then that this is criminally abusive, a serious crime of assault, and would they then stop this abuse and brutality?

There is one well documented case where a swat team attacked the wrong house, threw a flash bang grenade into a baby’s crib and seriously injured the child. Sometimes swat members get shot themselves when folks try and defend themselves from a wrongful home invasion.

In Florida some years ago, a DEA squad was caught doing after hours invasions in swat attire of wealthy homeowners and keeping the loot unreported. Several drug task forces with swat teams have been caught stealing drug money and TV sets and jewelry for their personal use.

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Er det ikke rart at en muslismk mufti i Syria og Russland er så å si de kristne i Midtøstens eneste forsvarere? Ovan där er jo Jesus og Talsmannen (advokaten) Den Hellige Ånd og Gud, men verken USAs evangeliske kristne, jødiske organisasjoner eller amerikanske myndigheter bryr seg katta om at de er med på fjerne verdens kristne i land etter land. Hvem er neste for tur? Armenerne, som Israel sponser fiendene til med våpen?


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