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Amerikas hemmelige termobariske kjernefysiske våpen

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Suppressed/Classified: America’s Secret Thermobaric Nukes

The United States possesses and may well have used a devastating weapon designed to emulate terror attacks and even natural disasters.


Editor’s note:  With the threat of nuclear terrorism against the US looming large, this article from 2014 has been noticed in Russia and elsewhere and will be the subject of media coverage over the next 48 hours.

Much of the information below was received from physicists from the DOE who confirmed that this was their initial working hypothesis for explaining the events of 9/11.

There are tens of thousands of articles in VT’s archives, this is only one.  Why is it vital now?  g

Friday, July 4, 2014 by Gordon Duff with Jeff Smith for Press TV and Veterans Today

The United States possesses and may well have used a devastating weapon designed to emulate terror attacks and even natural disasters. 

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Suppressed/Classified: America’s Secret Thermobaric Nukes



Skin Cancer: How You Can Help Yourself

Carol Duff October 25, 2017

A & E

Herding Cattle Into the Seductive Depravity of Hollywood’s Great Karmic Corral




Harvey Weinstein’s disgrace: A major event in the culture war – Kevin Barrett interviews Peter Myers

Many US troops say they encounter racism in the ranks – poll

Latest NATO Arms From US Found in Daesh Depot in Al Mayadin – Syrian General


Latest NATO Arms From US Found in Daesh Depot in Al Mayadin – Syrian General

Brigadier General of the Syrian Arab Army shows reporters the weapons they captured after the liberation of the Syria’s city of Al Mayadin. A NATO official has denied the information.

The largest Daesh storehouse captured by the Syrian armed forces in the city of Al Mayadin, in the east of Syria, contained the latest examples of NATO weapons from the United States, Belgium and the United Kingdom, Brigadier General of the Syrian Arab Army Hasan Suheil told reporters.

“It will take us at least six days to take out all these trophies left here by Daesh fighters after their escape. There are a lot of weapons and various foreign made means of communication, ” Suhail said.

Les resten:

Latest NATO Arms From US Found in Daesh Depot in Al Mayadin – Syrian General

Grenada 1983: On This Day in History, Reagan’s USA Invades Tiny Island Nation

Syria War Report Oct. 25, 2017: US-backed Forces Seize More Oil Fields In Deir Ezzor Province

Kevin Barrett October 25, 2017



America Adrift, Trump and Congress in Epic Fail, Duff on Press TV

America Adrift, Trump and Congress in Epic Fail, Duff on Press TV


USAF Authorized to Recall 1000 Retired Pilots


Many US troops say they encounter racism in the ranks –…

VT October 25, 2017

As many as 42 percent of non-white US troops said they have personally experienced examples of white nationalism in the military, as opposed to…

Latest NATO Arms From US Found in Daesh Depot in Al…

October 25, 2017

Grenada 1983: On This Day in History, Reagan’s USA Invades…

October 25, 2017

VIKTIG: Å innføre «demokrati» betyr å stjele naturressurser:

War in Niger Connects Dots to Libya, French, US Corporate Government


Democracy Now – Expansion of Imperialist U.S. “War on Terror” in Africa Preceded Deadly Attacks in Niger & Somalia

The Democracy Now story above relates back to the Clinton State Department and the destabilization caused by the removal of Gaddafi. The reason the episode above is so important is that it provides the basis for the war in Libya. This was to remove the gold in conjunction with the Sarkozy government and to prevent Africa from flourishing through self- determination.

From an email I sent to Tulsi Gabbard during the Sanders Campaign: “Hillary Clinton’s role in Libya was said to be for ‘democracy’ building. “She then worked tirelessly to ensure the US jumped into the war, pushing back against then-Defense Secretary Gates, National Security Advisor Tom Dolan, and Vice President Joe Biden, who wanted to stay out of the conflict,” according to an article about the New York Times expose. After reading this, I felt there must be more to the story.

It was more than “democracy” building causing her to go against others in the Administration who were very solid in foreign policy decisions. According to one of the published emails from the Clinton server, the French objectives for the war that Clinton was aware of included “French President Nicholas Sarkozy as leading the attack on Libya with five specific purposes in mind: to obtain Libyan oil, ensure French influence in the region, increase Sarkozy’s reputation domestically, assert French military power, and to prevent Gaddafi’s influence in what is considered ‘Francophone Africa.’” These objectives also related to the gold that Gaddafi had amassed to start a new a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar.

Les resten:

War in Niger Connects Dots to Libya, French, US Corporate Government

VT Africa, Bahrain and French Running Boko Haram | Veterans Today › World › Africa


Oversett denne siden

2. aug. 2015 – … Veterans Administration (VA)1264 · Military1221 · Middle East666 · Foreign Policy476 · VT logo. ABOUT US. VT is dedicated to providing comprehensive information and news to U.S Military Veterans. It is part of the Veterans Today Network. Contact us: FOLLOW US.

Cameroon Govt. Bans VT Africa for Exposing Boko … – Veterans Today

15. aug. 2015 – Any media organization that has reported the capture of French nationals, including 8 active serving DGSE officers captured inside Cameroon fighting alongside Boko Haram, has been banned. This includes VT Africa affiliates in both local broadcast, satellite and print media. Some journalists have been …

France’s “big idea for the world” | Veterans Today

28. sep. 2016 – The French have been coordinating Boko Haram terrorists against the intransigent and sinophilic Biya regime of Cameroon. In January 2015, French special forces were, according to Afrique Media, arrested by the Cameroon military fighting alongside the Takfiri terrorists and discreetly repatriated to France …

Africa | Veterans Today

War in Niger Connects Dots to Libya, French, US Corporate Government · Africa … VT Africa, Bahrain and French Running Boko Haram · VT – August 2, 2015. 1 · Africa … Moroccan Embassy in Paris, France on Black List · Jane Rosenstein – July 31, 2014. 9 · Africa …

Nigeria, Targeted for Destruction, our 2011 … – Veterans Today

25. feb. 2015 – The terror group, Boko Haram, is real but in its current formation, it is a proxy of outside powers who plan to Balkanize Nigeria, simply another domino to fall … “We can take down French AQIM without any problem to be honest but Boko Haram are tribes and clans, they are offered drugs, money etc… far far …

French Anti-Terror Efforts in Africa’s Sahel Region | Veterans Today

6. apr. 2016 – Chad armed forces suffered a permanent armament and supplies shortage. Finally, Chad withdrew troops back to Lake Chad’s area where by that time Boko Haram increased activity. In other words, the French leadership in the region has almost failed. The core fault was that the French desire to resolve …

Afrika flyter på et hav av olje, derfor holdes landet med vilje i konstant «uro»


NEO – Brzezinski’s NeoColonial Strategic Vision


… by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor   … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

“Truth, like gold, is not to be obtained by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.” – Leo Tolstoy  (you have to ponder this for a bit…JD)


Our partnership with NEO is part of the international bridge building that is needed to beat the Brezinski Jihadis

Our partnership with NEO is part of the international bridge building that is needed to beat the Brzezinski Jihadis

[ Note: I would like to thank NEO for publishing this, when so many publications would not. I believe it is time to move on from these “wolves in sheep’s clothing” medicine-show men who have promoted endless international conflict to serve certain interests that did not include the rest of us.

It is not enough to be their critics. Everything that they stood for needs to be deconstructed, which will include pulling out by the roots the “stay behind” operatives that still exist, their network of think tanks here in the US and in Europe.

We we are all plantation animals to these people, knock-off goyim for the non-Jews among them, “born but to serve” as the Talmud verse proclaims. Without a strong determination, serious funding, and professional organization, it will never happen, and we will then have to share the blame for what happens.

As a general cannot win war by feeding one company of troops at a time into the battle, neither can we have any real impact if all we do is snipe at them on the internet. We have to get within bayonet range, metaphorically in terms of affecting their historical reputations… JWD ]

October 25, 2017

Hollywood Overcrowded with Pedophiles and Predators


…by Jonas E. Alexis


When Corey Feldman declared in 2011 that “The No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is—and always will be—pedophilia,” some people in the media didn’t pay much attention to him because Feldman sounded like a conspiracy theorist. But as the years went by, Feldman was shown to be absolutely right.

In fact, saying that Hollywood is overcrowded with sexual predators is no longer conspiracy theory but, as actress Lupita Nyong’O herself has said in a New York Times article, “the conspiracy of silence.”[1] Hollywood celebrities themselves have proved that point.[2] Even actors Terry Crews and James Van Der Beek have said that they have been groped by Hollywood degenerates.[3] Crews tweeted:

“My wife n I were at a Hollywood function last year n a high level Hollywood executive came over 2 me and groped my privates. Jumping back I said What are you doing?! My wife saw everything n we looked at him like he was crazy. He just grinned like a jerk.

Les resten:

Hollywood is overcrowded with pedophiles and predators

October 25, 2017

Foreign Policy

NEO – Mystery of the never-ending ISIS Hordes on the Iraq…


NEO – The Big Brother Bombshell Set to Blow


NEO – The SAA Deir-Ezzor Euphrates River Battle: a Tactical Review


NEO – Globalist Counterpunch: Going for the Media Knockout

Iran for Regional Destabilization, Duff on Press TV


NEO – Oxford Propaganda Front attacks Veterans Today, the NeoCon Witch…


The Real Commie Candidate? The FBI’s Secret Romney Files

War in Syria

Syria War Report – October 24, 2017: Syrian Army Advances East…

Media Partner – SouthFront October 24, 2017

…from SouthFront Last night, an airstrike hit the government-held neighborhood of al-Qusour in Deir Ezzor city killing at least 14 people and wounding 32 others….

Phony War in Syria: ISIS Hands Over Euphrates East Bank,…

October 23, 2017

Nasrallah: U.S. delays elimination of Daesh through acts of sabotage

October 9, 2017

‘Syria war US-Zionist plan to save Israel’: Kevin Barrett debates Richard…

August 21, 2017

20 terrorists killed, one-third of border area liberated by Lebanese army

August 20, 2017


World War II 1945: On This Day in History United…

VT October 24, 2017

On this 24th day of October in 1945, the United Nations Charter, which was adopted and signed on June 26, 1945, is now effective and ready to be enforced.

Navalny has no legal right to take part in presidential election…

October 24, 2017

Was the 9/11 attack a false flag operation? (Part II)

October 24, 2017

Sixth-generation aircraft: Unmanned, hypersonic, super manoeuvrable

October 24, 2017

Czech parliament election results brings lots of surprises

October 24, 2017


Den tidsinnstilte storebrorbombe utløses snart

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NEO – The Big Brother Bombshell Set to Blow

Have We the People «failed»?


by Phil Butler,  … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

Media Curmudgeon – Phil Butler

[ Editor’s Note: Phil Butler has both feet in the growing war of the technology giants and their marriage to the Intel powers to rule the world, or how the world thinks anyway. Stage one is already complete; President Tweet is even on the team.

But Phil is ahead of the game, as is VT, on the next move being the Fake News giants launching an anti-fake news campaign against all of their critics to snuff out any potential opposition who will be legislated off social media and the airwaves via the evil connection game. But we have lots of evil connection material ourselves on the tech giants and their multiple loyalty wives.

We were on to the Intel birth of social media early, not its takeover… its birth. Yes, the Intel folks were there, including the Israelis of course, from day one. No businessman could create an industry with no revenue for years like YouTube and Facebook, strangling all competitor babies in their beds. Only a State Intel operator with deep pockets would do this, and the reason was a flashing neon sign, what uber-Intel people have always dreamed of, “controlling the message”… forever.

Gutting independent media, beginning with Reagan’s “free enterprise” consolidation was the forerunner. Conservatives will forever wear that shame, as they bought it hook line and sinker. Corporate media is at a stage in their lives that is comparable to a 55-year-old street hooker. That Reagan hustle was a prime example of the power you could wield by controlling media, even in the early stages.

Les resten:

NEO – The Big Brother Bombshell Set to Blow


NEO – Oxford Propaganda Front attacks Veterans Today, the NeoCon Witch Hunt begins

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor October 22, 2017



Turkey to Set Up Eight Military Bases in Syria’s Idlib


Trump to Allow Release of Classified JFK Assassination Files

Radioaktivitet pr dags dato i USA:


NEO – Mystery of the never-ending ISIS Hordes on the Iraq Highway

The American government has helped broker a deal between Iraq and Olive Group, a private security company, to establish and secure the country’s first toll highway. This being Iraq, though, the project has quickly been caught up in geopolitics, sectarianism and tensions between the United States and Iran, which seems determined to sabotage the highway project as an unacceptable projection of American influence right on its doorstep.


by Ulson Gunnar, with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s note: Ulson Gunnar brings us some insight into the West’s activity on the Iraqi highway, as a private security company has established and secured Iraq’s first “toll highway”, perhaps part of the West’s new and improved war against Iran – to solidify logistics before advancing. ]

First published 22 October 2017

While the US and European media provided little explanation as to how militants from the self-titled Islamic State (IS) managed to appear, expand and then fight for years against the combined military power of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia, it was abundantly clear to many analysts that the IS organization was not only receiving state sponsorship, but it was receiving reinforcements, weapons and supplies from far beyond Syria’s and Iraq’s borders.

Maps of the conflict stretching over the last several years show clear corridors used to reinforce IS positions, leading primarily from Turkey’s southern border and to a lesser extent, from Jordan’s borders.

However, another possible vector may be desert highways in Iraq’s western Anbar province where US military contractors are allegedly to “provide security” as well as build gas stations and rest areas. These highways contributed to the current conflict and still serve as a hotbed for state sponsored terrorism. Whether these US-controlled and improved highways pose a significant threat for a reorganized effort by the US and its regional allies to divide and destroy Iraq and Syria seems all but inevitable.

Les resten:

NEO – Mystery of the never-ending ISIS Hordes on the Iraq Highway



Beirut 1983: On This Day in History, U.S. Embassy Hit…

VT October 23, 2017

On this October 23rd day in 1983, a suicide bomber drives a truck filled with 2,000 pounds of explosives into a U.S. Marine Corps…

Be Suspicious of Signs/Prodigies: Dancing Sun In Nigeria?

October 22, 2017

Top 5 Top Veterans Stories in Today’s News – Oct. 22,…

October 22, 2017

Trump Administration: A Dereliction of Duty?

October 22, 2017

Cuba 1962: On This Day in History, JFK announces U.S….

October 22, 2017


Tidligere nyheter:

U.S. Military Intelligence Involved in Chemical Attack in Syria

U.S. Military Intelligence Involved in Chemical Attack in Syria

U.S. Military Intelligence Involved in Chemical Attack in Syria

September 3, 2013

Uskadd vitne som så flere skyttere under Las Vegas-massakren funnet død i sitt hjem

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Den britiske historiker Ian Greenhalgh rapporterer:

Ian Greenhalgh October 20, 2017


Uninjured Las Vegas Survivor Who Wrote of Multiple Shooters Found Dead at Home



28 year old Kymberley Suchomel, an uninjured survivor of the Las Vegas massacre passed away in what may be suspicious circumstances less than a week after the event. This death has set the conspiracy world abuzz, but may in fact, be nothing more than a tragic case of a young woman who was deeply traumatised by the events she witnessed.

Here is the local newspaper report of her tragic Death:

Uninjured Las Vegas Survivor Who Wrote of Multiple Shooters Found Dead at Home

Las Vegas Massacre Analysis

Part III: Tactical Diversions and False Flag Deceptions

Vietnam War 1967: On This Day In History 100,000 people…

October 21, 2017

Part II: Banking and War Profiteering

October 20, 2017

Part I: Puppet Masters of Media Propaganda

The Freedom Series by Steve Robertson


In this day and age of vast amounts of news and media that bombard and compete for public attention fewer and fewer are able to discriminate fact from fiction. Shocking tabloid headlines, once reserved for amusement at grocery store line checkout, are now used by the mainstream press to bait the hook to get the consumer to bite and read/watch more. Journalists and reporters, if you can now call them such, are woefully compromised in the bias they take in propagandizing issues that ultimately serve the agenda of the media giants and hidden elite (owners of these media conglomerates) for whom they work and shape the perceptional lens of the masses.

Les resten:

Part I: Puppet Masters of Media Propaganda

October 20, 2017

TradCatKnight Radio, “Pope St. Pius X On The Enemy Within”

October 20, 2017


Chemical Weapons Use in Syria and Decline of International Institutions

Media Partner – SouthFront October 21, 2017

…from SouthFront When it comes to the two verifiable uses of sarin or sarin-like substances in Syria, namely the 2013 Ghouta attack and the 2017…


Oklahoma City: Location of next False Flag?

Government & Politics

The Real Commie Candidate? The FBI’s Secret Romney Files

Romney Leaks: Drugs, Blood Diamonds and a Cuban Mistress

Then they added, from FBI files, the following document:
Les resten:

The Real Commie Candidate? The FBI’s Secret Romney Files


Tidligere nyheter:

US-Daesh Cooperation ‘Makes Sense’ Through Lens of Washington’s Broader Plans


Russia’s space agency to create near-Moon platform jointly with NASA

Israel Hiding Its F-35 Warplane Hit By Syrian S-200 Missile?

Redaktør Gordon Duff i Veterans Today intervjues om Iran:



Malaysian 777 Shot Down Over Ukraine Updated

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor July 17, 2014

– Unconfirmed: Malaysian plane mistaken for Putin’s jet which had flown by only moments before, leaving Israel and the Kiev junta as prime suspects.

Of Interest

What Can Be Told

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor October 13, 2013

There has been a recent flood of disinformation in all media. Normally, systematic mythology is the «meat and potatoes» of Fox News and the New York Times. It is now pervasive and with reason.

Boston – Who did what to whom?

May 6, 2013

Why deny? A Christian Jew explains “Holocaust denial”

May 9, 2013

Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti Christ & Armageddon…

December 1, 2013

MH17 Working Group Established

July 19, 2014


TradCatKnight Interviews Prolific “NWO/Zionist Exposer” James Perloff

Eric Gajewski October 19, 2017

1) Tell us a little bit more about yourself, background and how you got involved studying the New World Order I originally got interested in…


Israel Hiding Its F-35 Warplane Hit By Syrian S-200 Missile?

Media Partner – SouthFront October 18, 2017

…from SouthFront It looks that the Israeli “demonstration of power” during the recent visit of the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has turned into a…

Celebrating 100 years of injustice and oppression: “It’s God’s work….”

Stuart Littlewood October 17, 2017

Sir Edward Heath: Traitor and Pedophile

October 15, 2017

Kevin MacDonald’s Abject Failure (Part II)

October 8, 2017

What have they done to our fair sister? An Epitaph

October 7, 2017


Khazarians Then, Khazarians Now

Preston James, Ph.D September 5, 2017

Very soon the Gates to a New Dimension will Open

September 4, 2017

Tale of Two Nations: Russia vs USA Economic Prospects

July 19, 2017

Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation: An Open Letter to Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin

April 26, 2017


Rapid Human Cloning and Corporate Eugenics – a Health Perspective (Updated)

Preston James, Ph.D October 20, 2017

Rapid Human Cloning

Preston James, Ph.D September 13, 2017

The Charlottesville Operation

Michael Shrimpton August 20, 2017


GPD October 19, 2017


Media Partner – SouthFront September 14, 2017


Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor September 6, 2017

Nyheter fra Jeff Rense –

Woman Writes Awesome Description Of Multiple Shooters,
Planned To Expose Coverup – Found Dead In Her Home


Black African Muslim Rapes Swedish Woman To Death,
And Continues – Castrate & Execute The Only Proper Reply

Psycho Racist Prof – Teaching Algebra & Geometry
Enhances White Privilege – ‘Math Operates As Whiteness

Wooldridge – Why Muslims Cannot, Will Not, Assimilate
Into America, Canada, Europe And The West

Muslims In Obama ‘Welcoming City’ Busted For Pedophilia

Man Slits Woman’s Throat – ‘I Started Listening To Quran’

Belgium – Black Muslim Slices Face Of White Hero

Muslim Rapist’s Excuse – ‘Don’t Understand British Law’

NC – Illegal Muslim Sex Pervert Will NOT Be Deported

Islam – Sexual Abuse And MSM Lies

Germans Debate Muslim Public Holidays

German Troops In Jordan Are Under Sharia Law!

Mass Immigration Suffocating Europe

EU New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam

Pregnant Kansas Teen Forced To Join Isis By Father

Muslim Wedding Vow – ‘I Want You To Kill People For Me’

PA Schools Hire Terror-Tied CAIR To Combat Islamophobia

Black Sudanese Sex Assaults Woman In NY Bar, Freed

Is London Safe? You Be The Judge

UK Cops Stop Arresting Muslims For ‘Petty’ Offenses
Because Muslim Crimes Are SoarIng

INSANE Sweden Pays $100,000 Mo To Man With 3 Wives 16 Kids

Rapists And Wife-Beaters Flocked To Join ISIS

TX Muslim Parents Lied To FBI Encouraged Sons To Join ISIS



Gordon Duff – Svarteliste – Monstre blant oss

Kategori: #IS, #Israel, #Ukraina, Afghanistan, Falske flaggoperasjoner, Irak, Polen, Satanisme | 0 kommentarer » - Publiser onsdag 25. oktober , 2017 kl. 21:34

Breaking: NEO – BLACKLIST – Monsters Among Us


by  Gordon Duff, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Gordon got a good dose of geopolitical reality in Vietnam. He is upper right, next to Frank H, standing next to the altar.  Several in this photo are “on the wall.”(A Company, 2nd Platoon, BLT 1/26 Marines, Vietnam 1969)

[ Editor’s note: This is another VT – Gordon classic. No one currently employed in corporate media would dare write such a thing. And that is not because of what the bad guys would do to them, but the layer of bosses that would call them in and ask them, “Have you lost your mind, do you think you can put us all at risk, to be crushed under the steamroller for your “Don Quixote” exercise?”

The tragedy is not so much the huge number of people engaged in all of these horrors, but that we have so many on the taxpayer payroll in military, intelligence and security defense, politics, law enforcement and the judiciary who generally know about it, and do nothing.

As Shakespeare once wrote, and oh so true, “Aye, there’s the rub”. Professional organizations of every description have turned away from lifting a finger for taking on the house cleaning job that needs to be done.

If there were some, that job would now be even more dangerous, because as Gordon will lay out below, the huge contractor outsourcing after 9-11 – something we can see was part of 9-11 itself – has given the “uber-monsters” a powerful veil of immunity by classifying their nefarious activities as “national security” activity which cannot be exposed without great harm to the country.

One of the best examples of this is how the industrial-scale Israeli espionage that has gone on in the US is handled by hiding it from public view. When is the last time you remember the FBI agents’ association threatening to expose the coverup if they were not allowed to do their jobs and bust up all the Israeli networks?

Fortunately there are many individuals and pockets of loyal Americans who are fully aware of what is going on. To put it simply, they are under-resourced. They work at great risk just to keep the candle of hope burning that such resources will emerge before it is game over, which many defeatists say is already here.

I remember in my 20s, with my first exposure to WWII atrocities, where only the Nazi participation was widely publicized, and for only one class of victims, you know who. I was struck by the cooperation of victims walking to pits filled with bodies to take their turn, wondering why didn’t they make one last desperate attempt to go at their executioners.

Polish cadets with their great coats tied over their heads

Later I found one example in the Katyn Forest massacre, something missed initially. Some of the buried bodies had their great coats pulled up over the backs of their heads and tied around their heads. It was many years later before someone noticed that those buried in this fashion were all the age of cadets; and I instantly knew what had happened.

The trucks of the victims were unloaded a good distance from the execution ground so the pistol execution firing would not scare the condemned men who were thinking that they were just being transferred.


Les resten:




Real Masters of the ISIS Exposed


By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today

If we take cognizance of related-developments in the world, especially in South Asia and the Middle East, we can note that the Islamic State group (Also known as Daesh, ISIS and ISIL), including its linked terror organizations and similar other outfits are being supported by the US, India and Israel who are the real masters of this militant group. Some European countries like the Great Britain are also following America in this respect.

Well-entrenched in Afghanistan and some Gulf states, these countries’ intelligence agencies such as CIA, RAW, Mossad and MI6 are assisting various terror outfits, including Al-Qaeda and particularly ISIL in order to obtain the secret interests of the US-led countries against Pakistan, Syria, Iraq China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Somalia, Yemen etc. and even Afghanistan which are being destabilized by various forms of terrorism-related assaults which have continued in one way or the other.

US-led double game or secret strategy which is being followed by India, Israel and some Western countries in the modern era is part of the scheme.

Les resten:

US sanctioning of IRGC ‘beyond insanity’: Duff


by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,   … with Press TV, Tehran

–  First published  …  October 16,  2017  –

It is “beyond insanity” for the United States to accuse the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps of wrongdoing despite its record in fighting terror, says an American analyst, noting that Washington is in no place to criticize others given its long list of “criminal activities.”  

Gordon Duff, a senior analyst with Veterans Today, told Press TV on Sunday that the elite force had done “exceptionally well” in fighting terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.

He made the remarks in reaction to reports that the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was planning to introduce new sanctions against the elite force.

Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, Mnuchin said he had already discussed the matter with his counterparts in other countries at the latest meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

“The idea of sanctioning these people is pure insanity,” Duff said, before going on to criticize Washington’s policy of slapping sanctions against other nations, which he described as a declaration of war.

A Vietnam veteran himself, Duff drew an analogy between Trump’s claims against the IRGC and thousands of US soldiers taking part the wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, saying they had to be blacklisted as well.

“Any American military that has fought in Iraq… the 2003 invasion is universally seen as a criminal act,” he argued. “Everyone involved, 500,000 Americans could easily be put under some kind of sanction or blacklist.”

The analyst noted that American military contractors had even helped accelerate the production of drugs and narcotics in Afghanistan but “nobody questions that.”

“So for the US to talk about blacklisting, for the US to talk about sanctions, the US that have been involved in so many criminal activities, it is beyond insanity,” he concluded.

Les resten:

Sputnik/Duff: What’s Wrong With US Sanctions Against Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps


Washington’s plan to impose new sanctions against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) will have far-reaching consequences and will be negative for fighting terrorism, Gordon Duff, a political commentator and intelligence analyst, told Sputnik.

“The Iranian [Islamic] Revolutionary Guard is a military organization serving an elected government and involved primarily in counter-terrorism operations in direct parallel with US policy in Iraq and Syria,” Duff, who is senior editor with Veterans Today, said in an emailed comment to Sputnik.

He added that the idea of imposing sanctions on such an organization “opens new precedents.”

“If the 2003 US invasion of Iraq was a war crime, a notion most countries, even NATO partners, now accept, then sanctioning members including veterans of those organizations involved is supportable as well. If the US is stressing accountability at this level, then most US government organizations could be banned as well for the Iraq invasion certainly, that with clarity,” the analyst argued.

Les resten:

What would Satan do if he ran America?


by  Preston James

Note: The question was posed to me, what is behind all this evil that grips America and Planet Earth? This article is an attempt to answer that question by identifying the root cause. Obviously this is not going to a popular article, but it is written to present truth as I can best determine.

It is like Jesus said when he verbally indicted a crowd of Pharisees who were after him:

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” (John 8:44 NIV)

Some years back, it was a fad in Christian churches for kids to wear bracelets that carried the message: “What Would Jesus Do?” The idea was that when in doubt, kids should act in ways that would please God Almighty by considering what Jesus would do in such situations based on his two final commandments: “Love God with all your heart and love your fellow man as yourself”.

Now we have a situation in America where our leaders and the folks that run the six Major Mass Media are acting as if their secret motto was “What Would Satan Do?” and then they do it. And they seem apply this modus automatically by instinct or inclination to in any situation they encounter. And they sure seem to follow Satan’s will. But of course, they continue to say all the right things and deceptively present themselves to the public as righteous folks, serving constituents, when that is just a false front.

They do this because they are caught in the inescapable World Zionist human-compromise occult trap – a trap that if they tried to break out of, they would be immediately smeared in the media, and would lose their elected office and most of their millions of dollars gained while in office.

These Cutouts are acting continually acting as sociopathic two-faced liars and deceivers and committing major RICO criminal acts for the World Zionists every day, many times a day.

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Tidligere nyheter:




USA avslørt i å ha lekt at de førte krig mot IS da de flyttet terrorister inn i Syria

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Breaking: US Caught Faking War on ISIS as Terrorists Moved by US into Syria


The Russian Defense Ministry has accused the US-led international coalition of “simulating” the fight against ISIS in Iraq. The coalition conducted fewer airstrikes in Iraq in September while well-armed terrorists crossed into Syria, Moscow added.

Despite being almost encircled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Al-Mayadeen, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists continue to replenish their ranks and supplies in the Euphrates Valley, where the US-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are conducting their own operation against terrorists in the resource-rich region of Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

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By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on July 14, 2016

The Origins of the Overclass

Les resten:


Svart stammekultur (stammeorganisasjon) kontra Sionistisk politistat Black Tribalism vs Zionist Police State By J. Speer-Williams 7-19-16 American Blacks are being set up to lose! Denne mannen har undervist i Kina, og det var interessant å lese om hvordan han opplevde det, og særlig hva han sier om Mao… i motsetning til hva alle andre har […]


Boy With Autism Fails Exams, Receives The Most Unexpected Letter From School Obama erklærer unntakstilstand i USA nå: ALERT: Secure your assets now! Obama signs executive order for martial law in August 2016, while media ignores it!


Erdogan skylder Syria 100 milliarder for stjålen olje, eid av Irak, til 1,5 billioner dollar

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Zionist vs. anti-Zionist debate «Middle Eastern Democracy» – Sionister kontra anti-sionister i debatterer «Midtøstlig demokrati»

It looks bad for Corbyn as UK strains for war – Det ser ille ut for Corbyn ettersom Storbritannia streber for å gå til krig

Erdogan skylder Syria 100 milliarder for stjålen olje, Irak-eid 1,5 billioner dollar

I løpet av de siste par ukene har Russland ødelagt de «levende rørledningene» som har tillatt Tyrkia og stjele titalls millioner fat av syrisk råolje, mye av det til maks markedpris, og bare betalt sine IS-allierte en brøkdel.

Erodgan Owes Syria 100Bn for Stolen Oil, Iraq Owed $1.5Tn

Over the last two weeks, Russia has been destroying the “living pipeline” that has allowed Turkey to steal tens of millions of barrels of Syrian crude oil, much of it at peak market prices, while only paying their ISIS allies a pittance.
This process isn’t new.  Turkey did this all during the Bush era, having cut a deal with US “manager” Paul Bremmer, a deal VT insiders helped manage for Bremmer and that I was witness to personally.
The game involved playing Baghdad against Erbil and bleeding off oil revenues from the Kirkuk Oil Fields, largest oil reserves in the world, as they moved by pipeline through Kurdistan and into Turkey.  There they were offloaded onto American tankers in the Mediterranean where these huge ships, largest in the world, were filled with oil but it was never recorded and the oil never paid for.
Turkey got their cut, certain Turkish naval officers became fabulously wealthy while the Bush cabal poured billions into their Cayman offshore accounts managed by Bain Capital.
During the Bush era “War on Terror,” up to 40% of Iraqi crude oil, up to half of what was sent through Turkey on the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline was stolen.  Our investigations between 2005-7 which included meetings between Gordon Duff and Iraqi and Kurdish leaders in both Erbil and Tikrit covered this issue.
Active ship identification and locator services tracked loaded stolen cargoes so obviously any moron could figure it out
Active ship identification and locator services tracked loaded stolen cargoes so obviously any moron could figure it out
VT sources within the Turkish Navy at Ceyhan, Turkey,  reported Exxon tankers loading up to 2 million barrels of Kirkuk light sweet crude oil at a time did so “off the record.
Les resten:

Erodgan Owes Syria 100Bn for Stolen Oil, Iraq Owed $1.5Tn

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Iransk presse: Putin skal sende 150,000 tropper til Syria

Iranian Press: Putin to Send 150,000 Troops to Syria

Sionister mot Veteraner – En Amerikansk tragedie

Zionists vs. Veterans: An American tragedy | Veterans Today

8. jun. 2014 – Meanwhile, hard-core neoconservative Jewish Zionists are … to drag America ever-deeper into the Middle East quagmire; Dempsey has been …

Sionisters kognitive disharmoni (mislyder) skader deres økonomiske interesser

Zionists Cognitive Dissonance Harms Their Financial Interests

6. des. 2015 – by Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today … This cognitive dissonance of the Jews is not only surprising for the international community, but is also alarming. … In political terms, America’s child-killing sanctions against Iraq and …

Uri Avnery – Snakk ikke sionisme

Uri Avnery – Don’t talk Zionism | Veterans Today

18. sep. 2015 – Can Israeli nationalism be welded to non-Israeli Zionism? To come back to … Coalition Knesset members against the opposition. Opposition …

Hvorfor den palestinske David kommer til å beseire sionist-Goliat

Why Palestinian Davids will defeat the Zionist Goliath …

1. nov. 2015 – So the Zionists have brought this on themselves, just as they have … that the uprising must enter the military operation phase against Zionist regime. …. Veterans today is being bugged. the veterans today team needs to …

Anti-sionisme fortsetter å vokse

Anti-Zionism Continues to Rise | Veterans Today

18. nov. 2014 – «Among the options under consideration are measures against … That certainly is a bad rap for the Zionist regime – and it is just the beginning.

IS er en CIA-sponset leiesoldatgruppe som skal fremme sionistagendaen

ISIL is CIA funded mercenary group to advance the Zionist agenda

By Kevin Barrett on December 21, 2015

Terror hypocrisy sinks to new lows – Terrorhykleri synker til nye lalmål

Watch the interview at Press TV

Daesh (IS) terroristgruppen er en USA-støttet leiesoldatorganisasjon som er trenet på CIA-støttede baser i Midtøsten for å velte den syriske og andre suverene (selvstendige) regjeringer,, sier en amerikansk vitenskapsmann (lærd) og radiovert.

USA-regjeringen og dens allierte i regionen «bevæpnet, trente og organiserte» IS for å fordrive Syrias president Bashar al-Assad, sa dr. Kevin Barrett, grunnlegger og medlem av den muslimsk-jødisk-kristne allianse

The Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group is a US funded mercenary organization trained in CIA bases in the Middle East to overthrow the Syrian and other sovereign governments, an American scholar and radio host says.

The US government and its allies in the region «armed, trained and organized» ISIL to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.

IS er en CIA-sponset leiesoldatgruppe som er til for å fremme sionistisk agenda

ISIL is CIA funded mercenary group to advance the Zionist agenda

21. des. 2015 – ISIL was created by Zionist elements in the US and Israel to defend …


USA brukte små kjernefysiske våpen i USA

M15 “blokkerte” arrestasjon av IS-støttende radikale predikant Choudary “i årevis”   MI5 ‘blocked’ arrest of ISIS-supporting radical preacher Choudary ‘for years’ By GPD on August 22, 2016 VT was right again MI5 ‘blocked’ arrest of ISIS-supporting radical preacher Choudary ‘for years‘ Russia Underlines Continued Combat Missions from Hamadan Air Base if Necessary Top US commander […]

US Used Small Nuclear Weapons in Iraq




  Cannabis – Autistisk gutt får evnen til å snakke… Den usensurerte sannhet om tvungne vaksiner, Rob Schneider Cannabis – Autistisk gutt får evnen til å snakke Cannabis – Autistic Boy Gains Ability to Speak   Fluoride – The Only Drug Intentionally Added to Your Tap Water Den usensurerte sannhet om tvungne vaksiner, i henhold […]

– USA og Storbritannia -svindel: IS internett -nettsteder registrert hos regjeringskontorer

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– USA og Storbritannia -svindel: IS internett -nettsteder registrert hos regjeringskontorer (Mirror)

U.S. and Britain Scam: ISIS Internet Sites Registered to Government Offices (Mirror) – USA og Storbritannia -svindel: IS internett -nettsteder registrert hos regjeringskontorer (Mirror)

Selvsagt var jo ikke det noe interessant for norske nettaviser eller andre aviser. Man skjønner hvilket land man bor i.

«Kjent is…»-  IS-kjenninger

IS og islam: Den stygge sannheten (oppdatert)

ISIS and Islam: The Ugly Truth (Updated)


“ISIS fundamentalist militants who are casting terror into the heart of the civilized world are but a copycat of the mujahideen of early Islam. Whether we like it or not this is the ugly truth”



Author’s Note: (pardon the long note for this post is being updated)

Radicals and fanatics didn’t get radicalized by intelligence agencies e.g. CIA, MOSSAD, Turkish MiT… etc. Rather they get recruited by those secret agencies because they are hilariously fanatics and stupidly radicalized (reverse logic; a stereotype of herd mentality)

If we are talking about mercenaries and operatives recruited by foreign intelligence agencies, then Those ISIS militants would have panicked the minute US & allies started bombing them with air strikes.   That’s what mercenaries and trained agents do, once they’ve grabbed the money they run and hide the minute they smell heat around the corner.

But that’s not what is taking place, those ISIS terrorists are not only standing their ground, but they are, to everybody’s astonishment, on the offensive again both in Syria and Iraq. Practically 25 kilometers from raiding into Baghdad.

What does that tell us? Simply … One thing, those wacky fundamentalists sincerely believe in what they are doing. That they are waging a holy war of Jihad and that god is on their side.

Les resten:

ISIS and Islam: The Ugly Truth (Updated) | Veterans Today

27. sep. 2014 – But what the militants of the so called «Islamic State in Iraq and Syria …..

will that do (let’s say someone from the Green Party or the UFO party)?


10. aug. 2009 – The VA entered into this privileged agreement with Veterans Park ….

long green banner (the color of Islamic – Muslim religion) that hung on the …


Grønn er historisk sett islams farge. Marokko har en svært interessant historie, som jeg tror få har fått med seg sannheten av. Den kan man få høre litt av her, selv om det er begrenset hva man kan rekke å fortelle i bare én artikkel:

Marokkanere feirer historisk Grønn Marsj for førtiende år på rad

Moroccans celebrate 40th anniversary of historic Green March

4. nov. 2015 – Green is the color of Islam. … During this tragic period, what is today

Morocco was the only part of the Greater Maghreb that …. Special tribute to Vietnam

War Veterans – 40th Anniversary of the end of the War · TRUTH JIHAD: …

Alan Dershowitz Is A «Rape Culture» (Veterans Today)


Putin: Russland har beviser på at SU-24 ble skutt ned for å beskytte Daesh (IS)

Putin: Russia Has Evidence Su-24 Shot Down to Protect Daesh Oil Deliveries

Putin: Russia Has Evidence Su-24 Shot Down to Protect Daesh Oil Deliveries

Putin: Vi har beviser på at Tyrkia skjøt ned fly for å beskytte illegal IS- oljehandel

Putin: We Have Proof, Turkey Shot Down Plane to Protect Illegal ISIS Oil Trade


Kommentar: Hvem har støttet IS økonomisk? Daesh?

COMMENT: Who has been financially supporting ISIS – Daesh?

Putin: Obama og jeg har felles forståelse av de neste steg som må tas i Syria

Putin: Obama and I Have Common Understanding of Next Steps in Syria

Obama fikk spørsmålet under «Thanksgiving» angående hva forskjellen på IS og Daesh er, men ble taus

Alle har sin tro, mange ganger godt gjemt i hjertet

Angela Merkel marsjerer i sin kommunistuniform sammen med sine kommunistkamerater (foto fra historiearkivet)

Noen mener at de er «Guds folk» men oppfører seg om de var «Satans folk», med tanke på hva deltar i av drap og terror av uskyldige mennesker. Det er bare å lese historiebøkene. Noen ganger må man helt til for eksempel Russland bare for å få høre sannheten om hva som skjedde. Enhver tidsepokes skole- og historiebøker «redigeres» og forfattes av «vinnerne» av krigen. Ofrene knebles.

This Cunning Blueprint Lays Out a Secret Plan that Resulted in Over 300,000,000 Deaths and Unspeakable Horror Over the Past Century. And now, Satan’s Chosen People Intend to Use it to Once again Set the World on Fire

«A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.»

Proverbs 27:12



Og landet som lå i mørke har sett et lys… over regjeringskvartalene


Hvordan IS ble til i Tel Aviv

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Hvordan IS ble til

How ISIL Emerged


Everything began with a gathering. Almost twelve years ago a gathering was held in Tel Aviv under the title, “how to control Muslims.” Back then, a rabbi rolled out a carpet, put the Koran on it, and asked, “Who can pick this Koran without stepping on the carpet?” Nobody could. Then, the rabbi boasted, “I can.” He folded the carpet until he reached Koran and threw it on another side, finally folding the carpet without stepping a single foot on it. Afterwards, he turned to the audience and claimed, “We cannot uproot Islam, but we have to make them bring about their own doom.” This rabbi proposed an idea calling it, “proxy war.” In a proxy war, they announced, “We, Zionists, provide you, throne-seeking Muslims, with weaponry, property, and soldier while in return you provide us back with victories.” This sort of war is post-modern mainly benefiting those who are not directly involved in battles.

When Iraq was won and Saddam Hussein was dethroned, Iraq was nurturing the thoughts of atomic bombs whereas, prior to the invasion, Iraq had allowed access and research into the U.S. to carry out a thorough tour of inspection of Iraq’s military camps. In a 32-day span, Iraq was conquered, (provoking an endless rush of thoughts considering the access that was granted to American military inspectors and the war that followed). The first step taken after the conquest of Iraq was the apprehension of big heads and masterminds of Al-Qaeda and Taliban who stood at 12 individuals; they were detained in Abu Ghraib penitentiary. Some Jewish preachers and rabbis stepped into the game carrying the burden of making an impact on detainees. After running so many tests and trials, they learned that one of these 12 captives held a Ph.D. in Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence. That individual could not be anyone else other than Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. After training the detainees, they mustered forth Ba’ath forces. This move was underwritten by untrammeled Saudi support dedicated to organized Wahhabi terrorists. Following all that, they bought properties in Northern Iraq although there was no noteworthy move on the side of this group yet.


Les resten:

How ISIL Emerged 

Amerikansk general kommanderer den syriske hær til å pigge av i eget land, m.m.

U.S. General Tells Syrian Military to Back off in Their Own Country

Watch This Freaky Herd of Hundreds of Pokemon Go Zombies

China Working on Building a Manned Radar Station on the Moon

Are We Living Inside a Virtual Simulation?


Grusom politivold i USA: Politi skyter og dreper ubevæpnet døv mann mens han prøver å kommunisere ved bruk av tegnspråk

Horrible: Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Deaf Man as He Tries to Communicate Using Sign Language

German Government Tells Citizens to Stockpile Food and Water

Finally Some Good News! Good Riddance: Private Prisons Get the Boot

Criminal ‘Just Us’ System: Navy Sailor Uses ‘Hillary Defense,’ Judge Throws Him in Prison for a Year

OBS: Hvorfor er det slik at middelklassen må betale regningen for politikken myndighetene driver, når den tar livet av den, slik at det kun er 1% igjen i samfunnet som har penger så de har hodene over vannet og ikke lever konstant på randen av eller i fattigdom; dvs eliten? Hva med å kutte ned på de enorme pengesummene de bruker på krigføring i andre land i stedet, og ikke gi alt overskudd som USA har til Israel og ikke hjelpe f.eks indianerne i det minste litt mer enn de har gjort? På den måten kunne «Staten» selv spandere på alle de fattige innvandrerne som hvert år kommer til landet (ubegrenselig strøm) og ellers alle syke amerikanske veteraner (som allerede er døde og resten snart utdødd fordi de ikke får det som t.o.m. ulovlige innvandrere får samme dag som de setter beina innenfor landets grenser gratis gitt opp i hendene på dem) og hjelpe også resten av landets innbyggere som trenger hjelp; kronisk syke, bosteds- og arbeidsløse? Disse blir glemt.



Socialized ‘Universal’ Healthcare Here We Come! As Predicted, Obamacare Is Absolutely Killing the Middle Class


NPR Promotes the Idea of a Carbon Taxing Us for Having Kids Because We’re Causing Climate Change

11 Common Symptoms of the Global Depopulation Slow Kill

Screaming Baby Found Strapped to Fence by Her Neck with a Bungee Cord in Spokane, Mother Claims It Was Just an ‘Accident

A History of Manufactured Regime Change and Civil Unrest: Is America Next?

Footage of Syrian Boy from Aleppo Is Opportunistic, Vile Propaganda from Western Media

Trump and the Russians? What About Hillary’s Campaign Guru Podesta?

Did Someone Just Attempt to Assassinate Wikileaks’ Julian Assange?



Les resten:

Ruby Ridge: 24 Years Ago, the Federal Govt Changed its Rules to Launch a Sniper Attack on an Off-Grid Family



Les resten:

Hillary Clinton Took a Private Jet Just 20 Miles – to Her Rothschild Fundraiser

California Woman Faces Prison For Trying to Smuggle Military Jet Engines Into China

They Let Prisoners Make Army Helmets. Turns Out Thousands Were Defective

Tysk anti-immigrantleder ber innbyggere om å bevæpne seg selv

German Anti-Immigrant Leader Wants Citizens to Arm Themselves

Video: Har du kjent «bassenglukten» som du tror er klorin? Det er faktisk urin

Video: You Know That ‘Pool Smell’ You Think Is Chlorine? It’s Actually Pee

Globalism: A Psychological GPS System for the Masses

Another Staged Event: The Ryan Lochte Fake Olympic Robbery Psyop

Irony: Refugee Kids Are Suing a Pennsylvania School District for ‘Being Denied Access to a Quality Education’ in America

US Senator Shocked – «Are Americans OK With White House Propaganda?»

by Tyler Durden

May 11, 2016 5:30 PM

Authored by Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, originally posted at,

Les resten


7 reasons why you need a second passport

Smartteknologi, WiFi, Agenda 21 og engerifeltkrig mot menneskeheten

Smart Technology, WiFi, Agenda 21 Energy Field Wars on Humanity

Nye vaksiner kommer til å forandre menneskets DNA på permanent basis

New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA

Jim Marrs Reveals the Truth about JFK

Is NASA Covering up a Giant Hole in the Earth at the North Pole?

Hvordan sionister lurte USA inn i første verdenskrig


Diverse interessante artikler:

Five Lost Languages Rediscovered in Massachusetts

Smithsonian linguist Ives Goddard finds that the Native Americans of central Massachusetts spoke five languages instead of one

Kjemikaliespredningsturer og geologisk ingeniørkunstprogrammer bekreftet at eksisterer i vitnesbyrd gitt i FN


May 16, 2016

Christina SarichStaff

13-åring dør noen få dager etter å ha fått HPV-vaksine: Legene kalte henne «lat» av avvisende leger

13 Year Old Dies Days After HPV Vaccine: She Was Dubbed «Lazy» By Dismissive Doctors

«Storebror» ankommer offentlige skoler – Biometriske skannere skal spore hver eneste bevegelse studentene tar

Big Brother Arrives In Public Schools – Biometric Scanners Track Students Every Move

by Tyler Durden

May 6, 2016 10:00 PM

Les resten:


Gilad Atzmon – The wandering who

Hitler the Ultra Zionist!

May 04, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

Les resten:

Hitler, the Zionist – Hitler, Ultra-Sionisten


Charles Krauthammer: Vladimir Putin Connects!

7.4 Billion Cheers for Real Democracy (A Major Revision)

MI5 blocked arrest of ISIS-supporting radical preacher Choudary for years

Katherine Frisk

Where were You When the Anti-Christ Came?


Syrian War Report – August 22, 2016: Deep Crisis in Eastern Syria

Washington takes every effort to make Russia attack Ukraine

Russian Physicists Invent New Nanoparticles for Futuristic Light-Based Computing

Allies No More? Kurds Fight to Conquer Syrian Government-Run Enclave

Hacking tools stolen from NSA show Chinese cyberfirms were targeted, experts say

Did the CIA stage and spearhead the coup?

By GPD on August 22, 2016Les resten:

Did the CIA stage and spearhead the coup?

US ‘anti-space mine’ launch signals new phase in celestial arms race (VIDEO)

Hyper-glide weapons ‘Challenge’ to American Defense – media

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