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Al Gore løy. Gassutslippene fra kjernekraftverkenes kjøleanlegg årsak til «klimaproblemer»

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Al Gore Lied

NASA photo of earth – Sunset

NASA – CO2 is a Global Coolant

by  Bob Nichols

(Editor’s note:  A review of the actual NASA study fails to support the Drudge story and the conclusions gleaned by a “1+1 += 25” popularization and “spin” funded by the “clean coal” lobby. g)


[Editors Note: Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum (Hammer’s wikipedia has remained cleaned of his espionage history, despite it’s being out over a decade now. You can guess why) was the financial and political mentor for both Senator Gores. So they hold the honor of having a top Soviet spy as a patron. Hammer’s much advertised early Soviet business ventures (all of which lost money) were a cover for his espionage venture.

This was finally revealed when Prof. Harvey Klehr of Emory University here in Atlanta in his book, Venona, Decoding Soviet Espionage in America. The proof came from the Soviet archives when Yeltsin had them open for a few years. I was fortunate to spend an afternoon with him around ten years ago shooting two one hour Jim Dean Journals, one of them on Venona…and hoping to get this up on the Net some day… Jim W. Dean]


NASA gores Gore - it's just biz-ness - Global Warming is out is the Take-away
NASA gores Gore – it’s just biz-ness – Global Warming is out is the Take-away

(San Francisco) The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) lowers the Boom on Al Gore’s Big Lie that the humble, beneficial gas – CO2 – causes global warming. NASA states absolutely that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a Global Coolant and massively cools the Earth.

You can bet that the NASA scientists designed, built, launched and placed in Earth orbit the satellite machinery to prove it, too.

So, there we have it. In addition, the Earth has not gotten any warmer for 17 years. NASA has finally pulled the plug on Gore’s Big Lie and ended the gigantic, world wide charade on CO2.

This “discovery” about CO2 is nothing new, it’s well known by scientists not employed by the Gore-istas. The Gore-istas probably know it, too; but the money was just too good to pass up. Besides, you don’t have to do anything except sit around, make up wild stories and tell lies. Great “job” if you like that sort of thing.

Why did Gore do it?


If you follow the money, Gore, a career politician, now has a net worth of about $200 million to $300 million dollars, conservatively. That is a stratospheric increase from about $1 million dollars in the year 2000.

They say all politics is local and if we look around in Gore’s home state of Tennessee, there are many Tennessee companies, both private and governmental, that owe their existence to Gore Jr. or his dad, Gore Sr.

US Businessweek's Cover - Watch how fast they ditch Gore and change their tune,
US Businessweek’s Cover – Watch how fast they ditch Gore and change their tune.

Both father and son were elected United States Senators from Tennessee and brought home the “bacon” for many companies and home state jobs. Both were the “go to” politician for various “political problems” of the sponsored companies and industries.

Nothing unusual there, many Senators see that as just part of their job as privatized public servants. In other words, they are bought and paid for many times over as they sell themselves for campaign cash. It’s a devil’s bargain.

Senators on the make have no concern whatsoever for what they are privately hired to do on government time; but, the results can disastrously boomerang on the country and world. Especially so in the very particular cases of the United States nuclear weapons programs (the nuker program.)


It is used in cooling systems like refrigerators and air conditioners. CFCs are responsible for killing the Ozone over Antarctica all the way to Australia. Ozone is essential to life on Earth since it blocks deadly Ultraviolet Rays from our Sun and makes the Earth habitable.

Pro-Nukers: Deadly when their Livelihoods are threatened

Al Gore Lied

Government Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology

Documents from 1966 reveal the mission of the military and federal agencies to modify the climate


Al Gore Says the Science of Global Warming is Settled

It’s unacceptable that the UN/IPCC continue to push CO2 as the cause for climate change but refuse to acknowledge the military has been actively engaged in Climate Warming Weapons Technologies for more than twenty 20 years.

Government Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology

Documents from 1966 reveal the mission of the military and federal agencies to modify the climate

Solar Cycle 24 Freezes Out Al Gore

 Les resten:


Slik har Al Gores bestemmelser om å la utlendinger produsere amerikanske miliærfartøy satt amerikanske soldaters liv i fare, men også de som kjøper amerikanske fly…

The Great Chinese-Iranian Stealth Reconnaissance Drone Theft Caper


Why Serving In The American Armed Forces Just Became Much More Dangerous, Thanks to Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich.


                    … by  Mike Harris                                       Editing … Jim W. Dean


A Gift – Literally From the Heavens

The national insecurity stakes just went up once again.

Being in the armed forces of any country, at any time, has always been a hazardous occupation.

But thanks to the gross incompetence, malfeasance and short sightedness of our current and former elected officials it just became much, much, deadlier to be a US Serviceman.

This week it was revealed that a 5th generation state of the art (it does not officially exist yet) US reconnaissance drone was stolen, I mean captured, by the Iranians.

How did this happen and what is the big deal?? An unmanned drone flying at 50,000 feet invisible to radar and undetectable, so how was it stolen??

Les resten:

The Great Chinese-Iranian Stealth Reconnaissance Drone Theft Caper



Klimafesten over  – Verdens CO2-utslipp øker igjen


Atomkraft løser klimatrussel |

Det har vært en sterk motstand mot atomkraft i Norge, og mye skyldes … Selv om Norge vurderte sterkt å bygge ut kjernekraften på slutten 1960-tallet, ble andre …

Så Den norsk nobelkomité gir den ene pris etter den andre, til kommunisten Al Gore og Barack Obama, som tillot sine generaler å grunnlegge IS, og til og med gav dem lønn i Irak og Syria, og lot dem slippe unna…

Lieberman, Gore, and God

The media praised Al Gore to the hilt for choosing Connecticut’s U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman as his vice presidential running mate. According to the Dan …

Who Will Be Our Next President

Al Gore, Jr. and his father, a devoted Marxist/Socialist, ride horses together back in 1972. Texe Marrs has exposed Vice President Gore’s occult and New Age …

Så den norske «noble» komité gir den ene fredspris etter den andre til kommunister; Al Gore, Barack Obama – som tillot sine generaler å starte IS, og senere driftet han terrororganisasjonen ved å gi f.eks 10.000 av dem fri utreise fra Irak til Syria, hvor de fikk fortsette sin kamp mot Assad, med lønn.

A tale of two traitors and the terrorists they created


Her får dere hele forklaringen på hvem IS er:

NEO – Moscow Outmaneuvers Washington’s Kurdistan Project

Obama vil gjeninnsette og ansette IS-hæren fra Mosul i Irak i Syria med lønn fra Washington DC, og gir dem fri gjennomreise:

Obama Cuts Deal With ISIS, He Gets Mosul, they Get Free Passage into Syria

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 5)


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