EU er ferdig

The EU Is Finished

By Jim Kirwan

From even before the creation of the EU, Merkel the fascists, The Communists and USI
have been working non-stop to overthrow the nations of Europe.
And with the barbaric behavior of Fascist Spain
the reality in Europe is now crystal clear: There is no Freedom in Europe
just as there are no longer any nation states inside the European Union!

Nations states are defined by their own borders, their own language and their own currency, along with their history and their social and political customs: All of these things without exception have been deliberately destroyed within the current states inside EU, with only a few exceptions.

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flere nyheter fra journalist Jeff Rense:

FREE Listen Jeff & Gary Holland, Dr. Patricia Doyle
90% & More Of Somali ‘Refugees’ Heavily Diseased

Hour 1……Hour 2

German Police Instructor Blasts Muslim And Black Recruits

Violence Exploding In Germany’s Muslim & Black Shelters

Shut Down ALL Muslim Immigration…NOW

Obama The ‘Christian’

Facebook, Social Media, Aiding Jihadis By
Censoring Those Who Oppose Terrorism

Over 50% Of Muslims In Italy Are Mentally Ill

‘Muhammad’ Is The Future Of Europe

Australians Beginning To Regret Muslim Invasion (gosh)

Sweden – 95% Of Rapes Committed By Muslims, Blacks

Italy – 13 Year Old Girl Raped By 2 Black Muslims

Muslims Massacre 48 Christians In Nigeria – Understand?

Germany – Muslim Slits Throat Of 2 Yr Old Daughter

SPLC Pushes College GOP To Disinvite Anti-Sharia Speaker



Nyheter fra The Daily Sheeple:




Top Soros Fund Manager Ran Human Trafficking ‘Sex Dungeon’ of Imprisoned Women in NYC—Lawsuit




Obama Admin Lied; New Memos Reveal Uranium One Exports To “Europe And Asia” Via Canada



$250 Million Each Day for 16 Years: The Staggering Cost of ‘War on Terror’



Study: Two-Thirds of Americans Losing Sleep Over Distrust of Government

Tidligere nyheter:


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